Roger Lipton

January 9, 2024 @ 4:00 pm EST

Roger is an investment professional with over 4 decades of experience specializing in chain restaurants, franchisors and retailers. While financing, building and operating fifteen franchised fast casual (before there was “fast casual”) seafood restaurants in the late 1970s he returned to New York, and for the next 13 years (from 1980-1993) worked at Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co., Inc. where, in addition to his institutional research and sales activity, he sponsored an annual Restaurant Conference for investment professionals, featuring as keynote speakers friends such as Norman Brinker, Dave Thomas, Jim Collins (Sizzler & KFC), Jim Patterson (Long John Silver’s), Allan Karp (KarpReilly) and Ted Levitt (legendary Harvard Business School marketing professor, and author). Roger formed Lipton Financial Services, Inc. in 1993, to invest in restaurant and retail companies, as well as provide investment banking services. His website: was established in 2015 and today covers every publicly held restaurant company as well as selected non-restaurant franchisors. The Bottom Line: Roger Lipton is uniquely equipped as an investor, investment banker, board member or expert witness. He has studied great success stories, from McDonald’s to Panera’s to Shake Shack. Even more important he has watched scores of companies stumble and sometimes fail. His website., is his platform for conversing with other professionals in the field, improving his own investment results, and remaining well informed on industry issues.

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